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A Review of "Rare Groove" by Ari Joshua

Rare Groove by Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua’s latest masterpiece, "Rare Groove" is a song that will move you to the groove from start to finish. This incredible song features a lineup of musical  virtuosos, each bringing their unique talents to create a timeless piece.

With Ari Joshua on guitar weaving intricate melodies and Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ laying down a warm, soulful foundation, Skerik's saxophone lines soar above it all, drawing vivid images with each note. Grant Schroff's rock-solid drumming serves as the foundation for everything else. They work together to create a sound that is both timeless and refreshing.

What actually distinguishes "Rare Groove" is the thorough effort given to capturing that vintage sound. The team at Music Factory Records created a timeless and completely authentic work using high-quality 'vintage only' audio equipment and an analog recording process.

Rare Groove by Ari Joshua
Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Grant Schroff and Skerik

With over a quarter of a million spins already under the band, The Ari Joshua Organ Quartet belt, and thanks to editorial recommendations from the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, "Rare Groove" is quickly cementing its place as a standout release in Ari Joshua's mission to unveil 24 songs this year.

Whether you're a long-time music fan or someone who is new to the world of groove-driven jazz and funk, this track will fascinate you. 




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