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“ACID ATLANTIS” by Alora Farenweh

Alora Farenweh is a young Canadian singer /songwriter / world-builder who creates art & dreamy pop about a fictional realm known as "The Hollow”. Both the lyrics and soundscapes of her music invite the listener into a colorful world, one full of strange creatures, monsters, and secrets.

Alora is both explorer & guide as she continuously unveils new lands and discoveries to her community of fans via social media. Follow Alora Farenweh on all major platforms.

Acid atlantis is her latest track of the year. More releases and visuals to come. The song starts out with the downtempo, clever lyrics and a Sydwail and a mild quick riff that sets the standard for what is an excellent single. A good performance is like an offensive line in football, if you don't talk about it or notice it, then it's probably good and rocking enough to start every journey. Awesome vocals and rhythmic beat. That’s a gem from such talent. There’s nothing clinical for vibes and though-provoking aside Alora Farenweh’s latest track “acid atlantis”. Check this burner out on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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