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At just 17 years old, Adeline V. Lopez is a singer-songwriter who is wise beyond her years. Her latest EP "Feel Too Much" features the standout track "Lost in Translation", which is a poignant reflection on a past relationship. As Adeline herself describes it, the song comes from a place of looking back on a relationship and being mad at herself for staying in something that wasn't right for her.

Despite her young age, Adeline's music is relatable to listeners of all ages. Her lyrics touch on themes of relationships, friends, and mental health, which are universal experiences that many can relate to. Adeline's urban experiences growing up in New York City are also evident in her music, but her music speaks to the teenage experience in a way that transcends location.

In terms of musical influences, Adeline cites both older stars like Joan Jett and Billy Joel, as well as contemporary talents like Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams. This mix of influences is evident in her music, which she describes as "heartbreak pop".

It is undoubtable that her music is heartfelt, honest, and relatable, and her EP "Feel Too Much" is a testament to the power of music to help us through tough times. With "Lost in Translation" as a standout track, Adeline's EP is a journey through the ups and downs of post-lockdown life that is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages.


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