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Alex Rosales breaks into R&B and returns with “Contigo"

Alex Rosales breaks into R&B and returns with Contigo”.

After gaining over1 million streams across all platforms as an independent artist, Alex Rosales comes back bigger and better with the release of "Contigo" dropped Nov. 10, 2022.

Always keeping us on our toes with what he’ll do next, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alex Rosales is coming back with a highly anticipated debut into R&B. Rosales is known for his genre-bending sounds, creating smooth and clubby songs with insanely catchy hooks.

Alex continues to create a buzz with his presence in the Latin community, with over half a million streams on all platforms. This brand new single Contigo, further proves his incredible versatility not only vocally but lyrically, creating a sexy spanglish banger.

This addicting track is full of pulsing bass and rhythmic beats that recreates the art of an R&B anthem. New single "Contigo" has just been released Nov. 10th on all streaming platforms.


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