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Azul Kechi's debut release - "AZUL"(single)

Born in the heart of South London, on the hit of the millennium, Azul Kechi is a Nigerian-British singer-songwriter bringing flavours of soul, pop, and R&B together for a new era of music.

An upbeat, sung-rap R&B tune with soulful grooves and catchy melodies.

It's new artist Azul's debut self titled song, and it brings a fresh sound to the world of R&B.

Spanning influences from old school R&B legends like Lauryn Hill, it also has a modern flavour similar to that of Greentea Peng.

Azul Kechi's debut "Azul" is nothing but the best you'll ever desire for in the R&B, Neo-soul and as an Adult Contemporary song. It leaves you with nothing less than a tapping feet.

"This is my debut single, self-titled track 'Azul"! If you love jazzy hip-hop, neo soul or R&B this is perfect. This is the first single from my album due to release late this year. " -Azul.


Compiled by Winston.


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