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Barton Hartshorn - "Semaphore Signal"(Radio edit)

Barton Hartshorn grew up in the English village of the same name and spent his childhood listening to folk singers playing in the local clubs. The storytelling nature of these songs were to have a big influence on his own music as he blended it with the sound coming out of the pop and rock scene in the UK.

After three albums fronting the band Dictafone whose last album “Home” was mixed in LA by Ken Scott (Beatles, Bowie, Supertramp, Lou Reed...), Barton returned to his folk roots with a first solo album “Headquarter café”, but it was during a year spent in Australia that,

I died of boredom & came back as me” began to take shape.

I had other ideas...” but was never quite sure which one to follow.Semaphore Signal is a journey

through sunlit memories and missed opportunities. A journey where time is condensed, making you feel you’ve grown up in the space of one song. It's a Van Morrison, Dylan-esque odyssey where the violin wraps itself around the vocal and pulls us all forward...

Semaphore Signal is the second single from 'Manchester Sun' the new album by Barton Hartshorn, out on October 14th..

In the line of English singer-songwriters that runs from Nick Drake through Elvis Costello to Pete Doherty and beyond, Barton Hartshorn offers up 10 guitar-driven indie-folk songs that make up his new album, 'Manchester Sun’.

Manchester Sun will be released in October 2022 with the first single "Starter Kiss" appearing in May.

Manchester Sun tracklist:

1. Starter Kiss

2. Semaphore Signal

3. Georgetown

4. Driving Rain

5. Commonology

6. In a House Overlooking the Sea

7. Dragon Gone Fly

8. No Western

9. Louise on a Bridge

10. Long May the Clouds Reign Over Us


Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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