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“BASTION” by Son Silva

Son Silva stands at the precipice of London rap music. As a rapper, producer and singer-songwriter born and raised in the Big Smoke, his art bridges between cultures, continents and styles. There's a sensitivity to his music - from dejected, prideful raps and tender, melodic croons to punk-ish, guttural yells into the abyss about drug-fueled fallouts with old flames, his delivery is diverse and evocative.

Coupled with his meticulously crafted mystical and shapeshifting soundscapes, Son Silva concerns himself less with genre and chases authenticity through pure expressionism.

A welcoming electric guitar opens the release, underpinning Silva’s soulful and attention-demanding vocals. We love the catchy melodies that ring out from the get-go drawing the listener in. As ‘Bastion’ evolves, layered vocals, luscious instruments and a compelling bass guitar fill the sonic spectrum with vivid color. Also, the relatable lyrics reach out and touch the listener, taking the audience on unexpected twists and turns.

We are confident that ‘Bastion’ will please existing fans while simultaneously winning him an award too. In addition, we love the mix, master and production of ‘Bastion’. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space and shines bright. Son Silva is a formidable artist who is leading this genre in 2022 and beyond.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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