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Bianca Jade - "Pressure"

Emerging R&B talent Bianca Jade couldn’t have better timing. Amidst the current attacks on women's rights in America, she understands that now more than ever, is the time to speak up and band together to support her fellow women. In her new single “Pressure”, Bianca channels beloved 2000’s R&B vibes to remind women that they are Bad B*tches who deserve everything they want out of life. “Pressure” encourages confidence and self love, especially as it pertains to sexual empowerment. Speaking up for what we want is imperative, and this young artist embodies the sentiment through strength, resilience and a celebratory vibe aligned with nostalgic aesthetics inspired by some of her favorite artists. In the video, we are introduced to Bianca in an iconic, Mariah Carey-inspired butterfly top and an attitude that kicks the song off on a confident note. The butterflies symbolize the beauty of coming out of your shell (or rather, cocoon) as well as the blossoming journey of self-development. In the beginning sequence, she dances in front of purple silk, nodding to a creative lens motivated by Beyonce’s popular hit “Check On It”. We quickly bounce from here to a scene driven by masculine energy, where Bianca sits around a poker table, calling the shots. Lyrics like “Would you show your hands? Do you hold books?

We know a spade’s a spade, do you give it up that way?” inspire the playing cards scene where Bianca’s versatility and alpha personality truly shines. Later, we are introduced to her unforgettable spotlighted shot where she dresses in all black, showing off a diamond studded outfit inspired by the Queen B herself. Both lyrically and aesthetically, “Pressure” proves in more ways than one that it is the woman's anthem of the summer. Encouraging women everywhere to be confident, speak their mind and have courage to demand more from a lover- asking them to not be average, but amazing. Fans of Bianca's soulful works and 2000’s R&B beats will find this song to be a hit. Ladies - let it guide you on your sexual empowerment journey, and gentlemen - take notes on the demand for satisfaction. Quote by: Dianna Loescher “If I give you one chance, just one look, would you show your hands? Do you hold books? / We know a spade’s a spade/ Do you give it up that way?” ~ Pressure About Biance Jade: Bianca Jade is a rising R&B powerhouse. Originally from Miami, FL, the Cuban-Jamaican singer-songwriter focuses on bringing light and empowerment to her listeners - especially women. Inspired by female soul-crooners such as Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys, Bianca introduces a soulful approach to R&B that is well ahead of her years. Since breaking through with her debut album ‘B-Light’ in 2017, Bianca has gone on to perform with icons such as Jordin Sparks, Talib Kwali and Jojo, as well as making notable appearances on BET, iHeart Radio and NBC6’s ‘In The Mix’ in South Florida. As her profile continues to rise, Bianca remains committed to staying true to herself so that she might be an inspiration to future generations. Her latest EP ‘JADE Vol. 1’ is available now on all music platforms and has garnered over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. Bianca’s music has received high praises from top platforms like Medium Magazine, This is RnB and Singersroom.


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