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Bony-B - "Fire"

Bony-B – Fire

Single and video out September 16

Record label: Bony-B Music

Distribution: Amuse

Preview on YouTube:

Press photo: Eric Kaimano Mugisha

Bony-B continues his catchy Afrobeat with the single and video 'Fire'. A tribute to the joy of the sun and once again with a classy video with a whole group of professional dancers.

The charming talent from Stockholm/Södertälje Bony-B releases 'Fire' - the first single from the upcoming EP. 'Fire' is about the sun offering us human warmth and good vibes. When the sun is shining, everyone is happy and enjoying life. That he loves the sun can be heard in the music. Bony-B moves freely between different genres and three languages. He has made music in Lingala, French and Swedish in the genres Afro ndombo, Afrobeat, Afrotrap and Swedish Afropop.

'Fire' is a mix of French and English and the sound this time is genuine Afrobeat as a descended heir to Fela Kuti, Tinariwen and the very finest in African music. The video is of the same high quality as always and once again he has a whole group of professional dancers with him.

Bony-B is independent, but in June 2022, Sensus Musik Stockholm named him artist of the month and he started a collaboration with the student union, which made his career take off. This year he has done 11 gigs including Västerås City Festival, Lilla Hotellbaren in Stockholm with Pabi and Namelle, Ljungren's roof terrace in Stockholm, Kajplats boat club, Frihetsfest, Showcase Botkyrka, Summercamp etc.

He says: “Music has been a part of me since day one but I want to continue doing what I love and be able to make a living from it. Nothing can stop me now. The engine is already started, just drive. A lot is going on ahead. I'm a man of surprises.”

With roots in Congo Kinshasa, Bony-B has rhythm and dance in his blood. After his popular singles 'Kongolisation', 'Kembo', 'Come close' etc., he wants to continue with beats and melodies that make it impossible to sit still. He calls it a "dance challenge" because even if you can't dance fully, you can't help but move.


The singer, songwriter and dancer Bony-B works in healthcare and studies remotely while in his spare time he is a child and youth leader in Hillsong church. His musical path began with the dance group Next Dimension, which he led with pastor Daniela Åslund.

"We were unique and the best as a family, a lot done in the summers and always close to God. We did everything we could to make the group indivisible but there were a lot of emotions involved, there were conflicts and we drifted apart.”

Bony-B and five other guys then created the band Make Them Flow. After they made a few songs together, everyone started making their own music. Today, Bony-B is just himself and produces his own music.

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Press contact: Tobias Isaksson, Aloaded


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