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“Born of the Fire” song by John Leslie

Born of the Fire by John Leslie cover art

John Leslie from Australia embodies the full essence of an artist. His music has a perpetual quality, as it blends various genres throughout his releases. From dream-pop to pop-rock, gospel, and other genres, there is always consistency in John Leslie's music that instantly identifies it as his own. Following an artist name change which caused some confusion at first, John Leslie returned strongly to the industry.

The production boasts a lavish and indulgent display. John Leslie Hulcombe is making a grand comeback with his latest hit "Born of the Fire". A possible spiritual and meditation song that gives inner peace and joy throughout its 3mins 54seecs span. The track was officially released on April 16th, 2021 and we couldn't be more thrilled - it's simply amazing!,’ indicating that his faith in God was not based on traditional religion but came from a personal experience. Hulcombe's fusion of various genres and emotive lyrics make "Born of the Fire" a triumph, proving he is an artist to watch out for.

John Leslie Hulcombe with shades on and a guitar

Beautiful traces from the song's lyrics:

’I have never seen the light. Either discovered the path or beseeched for a successful day. I consistently succumbed to temptation. Existing in a state of illusion. Confused by surroundings. It was difficult to see in the light of day. What constituted reality and what belonged to the realm of illusion? Blessed by the Almighty I plunged my sword into myself.'

The tune titled "Freedom and Fire," “Love and Desire” kindles a sense of being unburdened, while also having high energy. It intends to elevate your mood during demanding work hours. With the exceptional guitar solo and drumming talents of Jackie Barnes, who's recognized as one of Australia's top musicians, this track captivates listeners easily.

After a long wait, he finally unveiled the official music video for his song which truly brings it to life. The stunning visuals showcase breathtaking scenes of nature that are sure to captivate any viewer. If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out on something special. I implore everyone to give it a watch and stream across all platforms available.


John Leslie in shades and a hat



John Leslie's Born of the Fire lyrics and video


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