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After the success of her debut EP release ‘Truth Be Told’, Tahdig returns with another hit single titled ‘Unmatched’. Brisbane rapper Tahdig wants her listeners to know that she’s here to prove herself as the next best female rapper in Australia.

Unmatched’ conveys that female MC's deserve more of the limelight in the HipHop/Rap industry and should be treated as true lyricists and not as figures of sexual entertainment.

Tahdig finds herself collaborating with German producer Fewtile,who also produced her hit single ‘Air Force 1’ early this year. ‘Unmatched’ was recorded at Brisbane’s Six Degree Studios and saw Tahdig work with sound engineer Gene Castillo (Rush Hour Studio) who she has been working with since her debut EP release, Truth Be Told.

Unmatched was written after witnessing a lack of female representation in the hiphop/rap music scene in Australia. Since I have started making music, I have increasingly noticed that women in the urban music scene don’t get enough coverage in the media for their craft. The hiphop/rap scene is saturated with male artists and often female rappers are unnoticed.

I wrote this track to convey a message to my listeners that female MC’s should be respected as lyricists just like their male counterparts and should not be exploited sexually just to be noticed. This track demonstrates energetic vibes and punchy lines that will keep you on your feet while repeating its catchy hook.” TAHDIG.

2022 has been a huge year for Tahdig as she has introduced herself to more audiences around the

country with her distinct flair and sound. Her EP has had rotation on a few local radio stations in

Australia including Triple J Home and Hosed segment hosted by Declan Byrne. Developing her love for hip/hop and the culture from a young age, Tahdig has cited her early influences; from the likes of Missy Elliott to Eve; 50 CenttoEminem.

Her recent inspirations have come in the form of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Wale, though her sound also sits in the same lane as your Remy Mas and Cardi Bs. Tahdig is one to watch as sheprepares for new and exciting projects in the new year.

You can watch the music video to Unmatched on TahdigVEVO and YouTube.


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