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Bryn Ryan-VanDyke-"Go Long"

There comes a time in your life when you have to decide: to live life in fear or take a leap into the unknown. For Bryn Ryan-VanDyke, this pivotal turning point led her to choose music as her next great pursuit. Despite not knowing how to sing, the budding artist found herself enamored with the beauty of music and chose to cast aside her doubts and insecurities to venture into the unknown. She found a profound love for creating emotional ties with listeners through storytelling. Weaving lyrics that speak to the emotion, experience, and the human spirit, Bryn Ryan-VanDyke found songwriting her natural talent. She began to teach herself how to play the guitar and started to sing, which opened exciting new opportunities for her. The artist played for iconic Hollywood venues such as Rainbow Room, Pig n Whistle, and Coconut Teazers, allowing her to gain footing in the music industry. From her journey in changing her life path to discovering her voice and musical talents, Bryn Ryan-VanDyke reminds fans that it is never too late to follow your heart and soul. "Go Long" captures Bryn Ryan's journey through beautiful melodic harmonies and powerhouse vocals. The essence of the song is to push forward and go that extra mile to succeed. The lyric video ties this theme in seamlessly with shots of struggling athletes and everyday people finding the strength within to succeed in their own ways. "Go Long" celebrates both big and small victories, from overcoming self doubt and nailing the ballet recital, to finding a new home after a natural disaster and finding the joy in what you do have. Life is all about the unexpected, and Bryn Ryan's thoughtful songwriting puts listeners to ease by encouraging them that nothing is impossible. The powerful stories depicted in the "Go Long" music video inspire listeners to conquer any obstacle they face with inner strength and know nothing is "Really Really Good, or Really Really Bad for Really Really Long." Follow Bryn Rya


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