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Burgers & Fries: A Review of LuisG's Latest Single

Burgers & Fries by Luisg Cover Art
Burgers & Fries

LuisG's new song "Burgers & Fries" will strike a chord with anyone who longs for the simpler times of youth. With wistful electric guitars and keyboards, LuisG sings about carefree days hanging out with friends, before life got complicated with jobs, family responsibilities, and growing apart. 

In the song, LuisG reminisces about spending endless hours with childhood friends, eating fast food and bonding over life's ups and downs. He captures that nostalgic, sentimental feeling of wanting to return to a time when friendships seemed unbreakable.

The song has an indie rock vibe that suits the theme well. The melodic instrumentation paired with LuisG's smooth vocals makes it easy for listeners to relax into the throwback atmosphere he creates. 

"Burgers & Fries" was originally written two years ago under a different title. LuisG has been performing it live on Twitch, where he built a community of fans. However, he felt this 2022 version fit better for his upcoming album to be released next spring. It shows how this song has evolved.

Regardless of your background, listeners will connect with the message and feeling of nostalgia and sentimentality from "Burgers & Fries". The casual vibe matches the theme of carefree days gone by. "Burgers & Fries" is an endearing, well-crafted song that brings listeners back to memories of simpler times. It’s a solid glimpse into LuisG’s upcoming 2024 album.




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