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Cabbagetown Mystery releases "Choose to Believe"

“If you love your children, hate Donald Trump, want to save the planet and love to lose yourself in poetry then you may just love Choose to Believe”

Sean Lafleur and Kevin Dolgin started playing together in the Streets of Paris over 30 years ago. They went their separate ways for a couple of decades but got back together six years ago to start playing together again in Paris and composing.

Choose to Believe is their first album. A number of themes run through it, ranging from the outrage of the guys to American politics (Election 2016, Election 2020) and to the rise of authoritarianism in general (Trust Busters, Choose to Believe). The passing years also led them to reflect on parenthood (Come Into Your Own and Once in A While)and some of the songs are simply poetry while a couple are just fun.Through it all, there is their love of melody and lyricism.

The music of Cabbagetown Mystery is clearly rooted in the North American folk tradition and shades of Neil Young, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen can be heard, although Led Zeppelin pokes its head in from time to time as well... yet the harmonies of the guys and their modern sensibility is ever present.

The single Wendy’s Song: Fairy Tales Soaked in Pale Ale is about a woman who is fed up and leaves. She’s afraid, but excited about what life has in store for her.


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