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“CALL ME” by King Kismet

King Kismet is Producer and DJ Garett Pierre Rogers. Based in Phoenix, AZ. Kismet's roots for Electronic Music developed growing up in Michigan, going to local shows in Lansing and Detroit. When living in Oregon, Kismet teamed up with Murderboat Productions to DJ at the music festival Turbulence. Known for its secret location at the Mystery Plane In The Woods in Hillsboro, OR where the DJ's played on the wing of a Boeing 727 Airplane!

Kismet is known for being multifaceted with his music and performance style. Using his music for growth and transformation through healing. “You are worthy of the life you've always dreamed of” says Kismet

This song comes charging straight out of the gate with relentless distorted guitars and drums. Giving you 100% of their energy from the get-go, it is clear from just the intro of this song that this King Kismet is not here to play. Such a tuneful melody, soulful vocal, heartwarming lyrics as well as imaginative storylines.

Are you ready to take off and step foot onto another world? “Call me” will take you there, there’s no worries of being sober because this track from King Kismet provides a natural high. The self opening is going to open your mind and expand you to infinite galaxies, think of Kismet as your spiritual guru. His epic solos are what will bring you back for more, Kismet knew exactly what to play to bring you in.

It’s amazing to see how an artists brain works and it is nice to peek inside Kismet’s mind.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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