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Christopher-James offers us the track "DEDICATION".

In "Dedication", CJ shows great versatility and it's one of his richest productions to date due to the lyrics, melancholy instrumentals, the change in flow between each part of the song and the visual aspect done by Ezevisual.

"In this track I explain that no matter how hard I try, I always feel like it's not enough, people around me complain and blame me for everything bad that happens in their lives" - Christopher-James

At the time of writing this song, the artist was going through a period in his life where he realized that many people around him were not there for the right reasons and were playing the hypocrisy game. Despite what he went through, the resilient young rapper says he never changed as a person, but his life has changed a lot over the years.

Christopher-James has a history of taking different paths which doesn't sit well with everyone, and knows full well that he will probably attract the hatred of some when he starts to become successful. The rapper gives them this message: "I will come back even if they don't want me here".

Mixed and mastered by Christopher-James, distributed by Nueva Vista/Symphonic Canada, Dedication is available on all digital platforms since April 7th.




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