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Clou9 - "Home Of The Brave" (single)

Clou9 is an artist who produces different styles of music merged with hip hop primarily. He Was Born in NY and raised at the Jersey Shore and has been involved with music nearly his whole life.

His influential flows and sophisticated lyricism is what makes him stand out! As a bonus his creativity and captivating visuals are sure to attract the eyes of many!!

Clou9 is a music soldier with consistent bars and flows, he's also good in wordplay, and all have been fused together in "Home Of The Brave".

As the title has 'Brave', it's exact thing being dropped on the beautiful piece. Visuals attached to the song whips interest to listen over and over.

This is a song to spread awareness on the politics running the United States and get people from both sides of the democracy in the US and other countries to reach a voice of reason.

The song is not to sway people into voting for one party or supporting another. It's simply to unify people who are not fully opening their eyes to the issues that are really causing mass oppression.

No matter who you voted for, or what movements you support, this song will sway a layer of facts mixed with artistic flow and sophisticated lyricism for all to relate to inside and outside of the U.S.A.



Compiled by ACE OF SWAY.


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