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“DARK STAR” by Eva Schubert

Jazz vocalist and songwriter Eva Schubert is a fresh new voice, whose sound blends seamlessly with the classic style of jazz greats like Helen Mirrell, Peggy Lee, and Nat King Cole.

Eva was inspired to write the wistful and haunting "Dark Star" one summer evening when she was walking in the park and heard a man singing in a distinctly Latin style. As she walked on, a few of those notes began echoing in her mind, and she started adding to them.

However, when she brought this song to her producer, he wasn't really sure how to arrange it. They ended up heading into the studio without any rough arrangement prepared, though they had sketches of all the other songs on the album.

Eva just walked up to the mic and sang the lyrics a capella in the studio, for the other musicians. There was complete silence. Then, when she sang it again, they started to play along… And right there the song blossomed in front of them, like a flower emerging from the soil and maturing in mere minutes. Head on to most major platforms and stream Dark Star.

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