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David Green Shines Like Glitter & Gold On His Brand-New Single “Pyrite” – Available NOW!

The resounding sincerity in singer/songwriter David Green’s music has been his signature stamp since day one, leading him to a string of successful singles released that highlight his natural gift for melody in his endearing vocals and shimmering piano. In the final days of summer 2022, he has dropped one of his most stunning solo songs to-date with the release of “Pyrite” officially on September 2nd.

David Green's openhearted brand of piano-based electro pop has earned him a reputation as an exceptionally promising new artist. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter has been releasing music since 2018, developing his unique voice and growing as an artist with every new song. Now, with the release of his most compelling content to date planned in 2022 and beyond, David is poised to reach new heights while making a meaningful impact on the modern music world.

A gorgeous ballad that draws on David’s vivid lyricism, and a heartfelt theme that centers around the triumph of finding that special someone at long last – “Pyrite” is a timeless love-song destined to melt the hearts and minds of everyone listening. From the spectacular beauty in the music & vocals, to the powerfully moving hooks & Green’s undeniable charm, the crossover sound of “Pyrite” is guaranteed to go global, and connect him with new fans all around the world.

Expertly produced by Gabe Lopez to give “Pyrite” its stellar dynamics & warm glow, and featuring the incredible talents of OK Go’s Daniel Konopka on the drums – combined with the natural star talent of David’s mesmerizing performance, this single has absolutely everything it needs to win over all the lovers & dreamers listening in the process.

Available on every major music platform September, join David Green as he surges forward to new heights in his career, with the most remarkably delicate vibes and catchy single you’ll turn up this year.




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