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Dez Boheme is a Kiwi American singer-songwriter and producer residing in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, USA. Dez B writes songs about the human condition and his experiences in life. His musical influences range from early Rock 'n' Roll to many contemporary hit songs from all genres.

DEZ BOHEME’s signature melodic vocals and rich acoustic guitar textures resonate with

singer-songwriter, Indie-folk pop, and Alt-Country genres.

Born Anton Desmond Ryan in Auckland, New Zealand, and a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, DEZ BOHEME was previously known as emerging Neo-Folk artist Anton Ryan in the early 2000s after his music caught the attention of veteran industry mogul John Woodruff (Savage Garden, The Angels).

In 2018, afterbootlegs of his SBS recording sessions with drummer Mark Kennedy (Men at Work, Marcia Hines, Jimmy Barnes), and bassist Chris Bailey (The Angels, Ganggajang) resurfaced, DES’s passion for composing and performing was reignited.

By late-2019 BOHEME had amassed a large catalog of new material. He racked up several solo gigs at local venues such as The Silver Lake Lounge and Bar 20 on Sunset Boulevard, performing alongside popular local artists.

During COVID he started recording & producing music out of his home studio, "The Alcove Room." Where he regularly broadcasts solo acoustic performances and social media content while releasing new material.

Coming of age as a musical artist later in life, writing and recording his best work,

Dez B says's “'s funny because I didn't know what to expect after such a long hiatus."



Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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