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“DEVIL WHAMMY” by Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson is an Artist that came to give the world his take on dark Americana with country folk, and that is what I got when listening to his latest, “Devil Whammy” It’s amazing how much attention he is already receiving, having been new to all of this but once you click play on “Devil Whammy” you’ll understand why.

It’s instantly get the listener in and gets your day going. The track is unique but yet has a familiar sense to it, it makes you curious to see how the rest of the track will go.

As you get down deeper into “Devil Whammy”, you’ll reach the score of the track, it has all the drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel and baritone sax that you could ask for. This industrial like song makes you feel like you’re in a cyberpunk movie that’s centered around you, it’s slow paced and keeps your heart moving.

Stuart Pearson is proving himself quickly in the industry and it’s easy to see why, when an artist makes music that is enticing, you can’t help but to fall into that trance. It’s almost as if his music is hypnotizing you.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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