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Don Josef - 'Paris'

Don Josef Paris
Don Josef Paris

With "Paris", Don Josef captures the French capital's unique mood and atmosphere, inviting listeners into a world of romance and nostalgia. The song's unique combination of experimental waltz rhythms, trumpet and electric guitar creates a pulsating backdrop, and gives space to Don Josef's soulful and warm vocals.

"I want to convey the story of a deep encounter with Paris, the feeling of swinging between dance and grief", says Don Josef.

The song is heavily inspired by "Sous le ciel de Paris" by the iconic Edith Piaf released in 1951.

"The line 'Paris makes me dance like no other city, it makes me feel like a fool and a king at the same time' is the very essence of the feeling I want to convey with this song", elaborates Don Josef.

"Paris" can be described as an emotional journey, where modern RnB and soul mix with traditional roots, where long lines meet the immediate. This symbiosis creates the unique timbres that characterize Paris as the city of love and that give the song "Paris" its uniqueness.

Produced by Don Josef and Rich La Flame, "Paris" is the first new release from the artist's

upcoming line of new unique releases.

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