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mUmbo is the musical and visual collective of virtuoso guitarist Doug McGowan and singer/ violin/viola/artist Emma Semple.

Encompassing a diverse range of influences (incorporating shoegaze, beats, folk, blues and ambient) they present a timeless, yet contemporary, sonic and visual landscape to lose yourself in. Music for films, music for driving, music for dreaming.. music for now.

Don’t even mind the rain’ fills its opening with a smooth and ethereal guitar line, mUmbo cutting in with soft and well-controlled vocals. Eventually the engaging instrumentals start to slowly raise, the energy of the sound bumping itself up as it moves along. After this, mUmbo cuts in with a belting tone delivered with an abundance of power, and more rock influences start to shine through.

Eventually, the acoustic basis evolves through the use of electric musicianship. There’s so much emotion charged into every aspect of this track, and the vocals show that it comes from a place of real feelings.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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