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Donnie Barbossa - "Buenas Tardes"

Ghetto House inspired song in two languages, English and Bosnian. One of 27 tracks from my debut Album ''Hajrudin D. Barbossa''

Hajrudin also known as Donnie Barbossa was born in 1995 Travnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Started his rap journey in 2015, his songs describe the personal struggle of an upcoming Rap-artist and the life in Denmark, where he moved to when he was only 5 years old. His sound is dark, ambient and at times noisy and funky. Unique artist who transcendents genre and cultures, speaking 4 languages you would hear different words sprinkled here and there, sometimes whole songs. With a love for the blues, rock, funk, soul, crooner and country and the passion of Hip-hop, Donnie manages to deliver a never before heard world of music.



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