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“DOWN THE PEN” by Klen

Hailing from Penryn, Cornwall is KLEN. An eclectic 4-piece with a drummer pummelling

from a standing position. Rough Skin - guitar maestro and exfoliator extraordinaire. Bill-upon-Tubs A.K.A Sticks B. Slippin - half human, half river, half beat-maker…. half sonic macerator. Orlando Nice - the third limb, hardcore noise specialist. Melvin Schæfferhoof A.K.A The Financial

Ombudsman - Thier newest recruit: a cult folk artist who has been hiding in plain sight within the financial regulation sector for a number of years.

Their sounds ranging from smooth and visceral psychedelic warbles to wired and sprawling freakbeat. Steeped in 60's garage, pebbles style, with an anarcho-prog-punk edge woven in there too.

The combination of all these musicians has produced a song that will surely become an anthem amongst many of you. It’s a song that is fun but will also make you look within yourself, but without a doubt it’s the song to get the party started. You can only imagine being at the pool with your friends, drinks in hand with “Down the pen” playing in the background. Klen is a band that will soon become a favorite of yours, if this is how they are starting out it makes you wonder what else they have in store.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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