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Erik Hansen Blasts Off with Debut Solo EP "Seasons of the Wind"

Seasons of the Wind by Erik Hansen EP cover art

Washington state's very own Erik Hansen ignites his solo career with a scorcher of an EP, "Seasons of the Wind."  Having honed his craft in the band Fallen Angels, Hansen brings a veteran's touch to this collection of five tracks,  each one a potent blend of classic rock influences and modern energy.

Right from the opening riff,  "Seasons of the Wind" leaves no doubt about Hansen's musical heritage.  Drawing inspiration from giants like AC/DC and Metallica, the EP is a celebration of all things rock.  Hansen's powerful vocals snarl and soar over walls of distorted guitars,  creating a sound that's both nostalgic and fresh.

The lead single, "Send Me a Sign,"  taps into the frustration of everyday annoyances with a punk rock swagger reminiscent of Green Day and The Offspring.  Lines like "Is this really all there is to this chaotic bliss?" perfectly capture the feeling of being overwhelmed by life's little hassles,  making it an anthem for anyone who's ever just needed to scream. 


"Horizon" offers a welcome moment of reflection,  with shimmering acoustic guitars and introspective lyrics that explore themes of new beginnings.  This track showcases Hansen's depth as a songwriter,  proving that he can deliver a powerful ballad alongside the rockers.

Erik Hansen's "Seasons of the Wind" is a confident debut that announces the arrival of a force to be reckoned with in the rock world.  It's a collection of well-crafted songs that are both personal and relatable,  delivered with passion and power. 




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