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"Farmtime" by Amanda Emblem: A Taste of Freedom

 Cover art for Farmtime by The Amanda Emblem Experiment
Farmtime by The Amanda Emblem Experiment

Amanda Emblem invites listeners into her world with Farmtime, a 5-track EP was released on March 16th, 2024. This EP shows how her life and music are changing while living on a farm in Queensland, Australia.

Having stepped back from the pressures of the mainstream music industry, Amanda has cultivated a lifestyle that interweaves creative passion and connection to nature. She now splits her days between tending her thriving market garden and channelling decades of wisdom as a touring punk rocker into recording soulful original songs. 

The five preview tracks on "Farmtime" offer a window into the harmony Amanda has manifested on her Queensland property, while still hinting at echoes of adventures past. The EP eases in with "Waterfall," an acoustic ballad set against gentle piano and sparse percussion. Amanda's voice rings clear and warm - an invitation to pause and join her in appreciation of the present moment. "Of Course I Do" turns up the energy with driving acoustic guitar and booming harmonica amidst stacked vocal harmonies, rooted in the earthiness of her daily life. 

Smoothly transitioning between modes, "Middle of the Night" soars in on dreamy flute melodies, showcasing Amanda's ability to transcend genres with ease. "General Consensus" proves she still has an edge when desired, with dirty blues guitar licks oozing around her raw vocals. The cohesive piece "Aphrodisia" finishes with a subtle nod to her punk past mixed with captivating natural scenery, suggesting that she proudly possesses multitudes.

Farmtime offers not just music, but an invitation into the rich reality Amanda is cultivating through a life lived creatively, connected to nature, and embedded in community.




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