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George Makridis - "Say It"

George Makridis is a U.S.-based artist who makes mostly R&B songs, but this most recent E.P. has a dance song, and he is also most likely to release at least two more dance songs before this year's end.

Makridis makes music with one of his best friends, and between the two of us, we make everything that you will ever hear.

"I hope you like the music and I'm looking forward to working with everyone here!", George Makridis

"Say It" is by far my best performing song on streaming platforms, and it's simply, because it has a very broad appeal. Few things to hate, many to like or love,

"Say It" is a very dynamic song as far as sound design goes, and also has very catchy melodies to hook you into... the hook!

Hopefully you like it, hoping to get a little boost in promotion through some outlets on this one.


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