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Gleam By Joris Bon: A New Piano - Electro Single

Gleam by Joris Bon cover art
Gleam by Joris Bon

Piano composing talent, Joris Bon releases a new single titled Gleam. The new piano electro song comes with some soothing vocals in the rhythmic composition with the piano.

Gleam would touch your soul and set you on an emotional path of nearly hopeless return. It would immerse you in a pool of feelings far and near and bask you in the sunrise from their morning dew falls.

He even spoke about the emotions he wanted to strike with this song in his little intro:

"I'm Joris Bon, pianist-composer. I'm very happy to share my piano electro single with vocals, Gleam. I wanted a song with a lot of emotions, a very unifying song, hope you'll like it."

Joris Bon released Gleam on 26th January 2023 and it's been available on all major streaming platforms thereafter. The piano electro single featured vocals from artist, singer, and performer, Clara Boffy. With lyrics from Joris Bon, she delivered some great vocals to spice up the awesome blend melodies of his piano.

Furthermore, the pianist-composer detailed what went into the composition of Gleam.

"I wrote the lyrics same as I play melody on the piano. I wrote this song as a electro ballad, wanted a unifying song.

When I started the melody, I wanted an emotional song, that could invite and immerse listeners to the power of a storm or sunset, music sounds, nature and mountains, and voices."

Joris Bon picture
Joris Bon

Meanwhile, Joris Bon calls on all his fans, music lovers, enthusiasts, and critics to listen to his new work of art, Gleam. It is currently available on music streaming platforms.


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