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“GO YOUR OWN WAY” by Tia McGraff

Emerging from Canadian is a songwriter and podcast host, Tia McGraff. She is one musician who works her mesmerizing magic in her releases. Starting her music career since 2000, McGraff records continue to carry her records to a higher heights.

Go your own way is McGraff’s latest single under her belt. This is a warm, sultry love song, full of smooth hooks, with jazzy keys, mild bass and inspired beats. This track will seep into your skin, and carry the weight of your thoughts…

I love my she carried her emotions on this piece. Music is one of the channels to speak to people out there. It is a good thing if one is committed to his or her works. Tia McGraff is one of them who shows her passion for her music career. Chorus exhibited clever lyrics along the amusing verses. It’s really cool. Listen to Go your own way!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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