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“GOWANUS” by The Sparkles

Hailing from the United State is The Sparkles. The USA producer, singer and Songwriter publishes his own songs and finds his way through the music world. Whether as an artist or Songwriter/producer for others Artists spread across the globe as The Sparkles succeeds in the current sound of the time.

Gowanus is the track title off the “The Sparkles” album. It’s the instrumentation and animation selection that’s impressive, as is The Sparkles production. The lyrics fits perfectly with the visuals giving off a high quality feel from a necessarily raw record. This Artist has a talent for nuancing his words with passion and belief. His voice is particularly magnificent on which is a hit.

“Gowanus” made them fell for it and you’ll probably fall after listening. Let’s keep grooving to this masterpiece.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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