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Greg’s Electric Song Salad’s new release - "Forgive Me Back"

Greg’s Electric Song Salad 'Forgive Me Back'
Greg’s Electric Song Salad, 'Forgive Me Back'

The new release by Greg’s Electric Song Salad, 'Forgive Me Back' keeps in the tradition of all great American songwriter / guitar players. That tradition ensures that the masterful guitar playing complements the story told by the lyrics. Each depends on the other. This amazing song takes on a subject that we’re all reluctant to discuss but hits everyone in the heart at some point life in his or her life. We’re talking about the shame of infidelity, the painful regret, and maybe and most importantly the hope of forgiveness. The song tells a story of cheater; a cheater that wants nothing more than forgiveness and it’s heartfelt. The guitar in the chorus says what the lyrics can’t, I’m sorry! and whatever you do, please please don’t leave me!

Prior to the release of "Intentare Otra Vez," and the hard driving Grounds Gone, "Forgive Me Back" takes the listener back to the simpler songs waiting to be discovered in Greg’s Electric Song Salad diverse music catalog. Those are the songs where an acoustic guitar and brilliant lyrics writing paint a picture of a place and time where everyone’s been. The song takes the listener to a place that feels familiar, and they want to go back there again.

Although based in Scottsdale Arizona now, there is no ignoring his musical roots planted at an early age on the backwoods coast of NW Florida. So many great bands, guitar players and musicians blossomed there and Greg’s Electric Song Salad is no different. A man with a guitar and story to tell.

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