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Half a Heart by Singer-songwriter Brooke Moriber

"Half a Heart" by Brooke Moriber cover art
"Half a Heart" by Brooke Moriber

In her latest single "Half a Heart," singer-songwriter Brooke Moriber wears her heart on her sleeve. Through candid lyrics and passionate vocals, she invites listeners into her world, where she embraces life and love fully despite hardships.

The lyrics explore the theme of living passionately, without holding back. In the first verse, Moriber declares "I'd change most anything for you" showing her willingness to fully commit to relationships. She admits "I might take everything too far" when it comes to romance - an endearing revelation that makes her seem genuinely human. 

The chorus drives home Moriber's central creed: she'll "never love you with half a heart." Her voice brims with raw emotion as she promises to give her all. This is an artist in touch with her feelings, who loves hard without apologies. 

While other artists may rely on vague platitudes when addressing love or adversity, Moriber favors specificity in cutting to the emotional core of her stories. When she sings, “No less than eleven - no time for regretting,” listeners get a vivid glimpse at a life lived to its extremes in all respects. This philosophical through-line casts light on biographical details like Moriber losing her vision at a young age due to illness. Such experiences seem to have shaped her conviction about wringing every last drop out of living.

From a compositional standpoint, "Half a Heart" also showcases Moriber’s melodic sensibilities. The piano-driven arrangement builds dynamically, powered by the singer's formidable belt. This is only the beginning for a promising artist bearing the hallmarks of enduring success.

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