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Harry Taylor presents "my mouth"; a pop-rock ballad about falling in love so deep...

Harry Taylor is an Italian artist currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. As a singer, songwriter and record producer, he has developed a rounded sound, which feels incredibly dynamic and diverse.

From Electro-pop down to the organic vibe of 80's new-wave you’d expect from groups like Bleachers and 1975s, anything goes.

As it says in the title itself, Harry is ready to give up everything for love, including the best days of his life, his youth.

“When I fall in love I always end up falling so hard. I love the idea of a hardcore relationship just like the ones from the movies. A young love where they make mistakes along the way, love and hate each other at the same time. The paradox of building up something important just to destroy everything 2 seconds later because you know that you both would be back and start it all over again.”

In his new song, Harry sings about what if feels like to be in mad love with someone to the point where even the real bad turns into something so good.

The production was inspired by old school early 2000s rock bands: that’s how Mike Mroz, who produced the song, decided to incorporate electric guitars and full drums. He literally transformed them into the main character for the instrumentation of this pop ballad.

It turns out to be the perfect mix of Pop rock bands from the 2000s and the talented narrative skills of songwriters like Julia Michaels, Lorde and Taylor Swift (Folklore Taylor).

Harry’s voice narrates this passionate love story and takes you into details of what it feels like to be young and in love.

You perceive the memento building up throughout the song until the very last chorus where the emotions are high and it feels like someone is screaming in rage, almost like some sort of desperate declaration of love.

Take a listen for yourself and dive deep into this little fragment of romantic, dramatic yet damned love story.


Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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