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“HELLO MATE” by ArrDee

ArrDee is the biggest breakthrough British solo artist of the last year, after having scored 3 UK 'Top 10s' with *Aitch, Tion Wayne, Digga D* + more. Pulling yet another catchy banger from his locker, 'Hello Mate' proves that ArrDee has no signs of resting on his laurels after the release of his acclaimed mixtape.

Rap wonderkid ArrDee teams up with UK Funky pioneer Kyla on brand-new single “Hello Mate”

Already generating a buzz after being teased on his socials, 'Hello Mate' centres around the chorus from Kyla's 2008 single "Do You Mind', with ArrDee complementing the UK Funky classic with his trademark blend of quickfire bars and infectious hooks This anthem arrives just in time to soundtrack a sizzling summer. Dive in to this tune as you enjoy your weekend!



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