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Hotel California - "Magical Grandma"


Music is my first love. It really is. Since I was 12 years old I've beewriting songs. I used to play in different bands with whom I traveled Europe and even U.S.A. At the moment I'm working on my band Hotel California, which I started in 2009 with two dear friends. We recorded "The New Sound Of Folk" back then. In 2021 I will release the first 15 new tracks.


"Magical Grandma" tells a little story about happy, scary, lovely and sad moments you can only experience with your grandparents. In the first three days since the release the tune was aired by some really cool radio shows such as:

  • Banks Radio - Australia, Rural radio UK - England, Beat Route Radio - England, Lomond Radio - Scotland,

  • Ferndale Radio - England, South Devon Sound Radio - England KOR Radio - USA,

  • Radio Earn - Scotland, Rock Steady 94 Radio - South Africa, Supersound Internet Radio - Presenter based in Scotland,

  • More Muzik Radio - England, International Sounds Radio - England, UK Radio Network 3TFM - Scotland

July 2022, The first single of my forthcoming record "Family" was released. Check out Greater Love, a song about the power of love within families. Daniel Greater Love 1. Today I‘ m gonna dance. You look handsome, so beautiful. There will never be a greater love than the love in the start of life. There will never be a greater love than the love in the start of life. There will never be a greater love than the love in the start of life. April 2022. As a father, a husband, a teacher and citizen of a free country I am deeply troubled by the current events in Ukraine.

For my kids, the pupils I teach, all refugees and every person involved in Eastern Europe I deeply hope this ends and finally this word calms down for a while. 53 radio stations played" This World Wants Peace" until now! A war more so! credits released March 5, 2022 Word and music:

Daniel Bewernick - Green Mix: Carl Albrecht( MusicMadeMeMillionaire)

Cover: Benjamin Leibbrand

Master: Hannes Haindl( Schalltona)

December 2021 Review for" Orange" by The Other Side Reviews.

There is one maxim that fits perfectly when applied to music: it doesn’t matter where you’re really from but where your heart lies. We can't really be sure what Daniel Green, the man from Hamburg, Germany, had in mind when he named his project Hotel California. Actually, it could be something completely different. Green’s songs and Albrecht’s production try to achieve a certain feel to the music, at the same time bringing it up to a more current sound and production by adding some more modern - pop overtones, like on‘ Let The Ocean Rock Your Soul’. In most cases, the more gentle songs like‘ Universal Civilian’ works best, but this is not necessarily the case with Orange.

Though there is sparse instrumentation in the tracks, which can expose a musician’ s musical weakness, Green and Albrecht show strength without weaknesses. These songs are stories about trusting your children, friendship, loneliness in winter and of cause the fear during COVID.


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