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“I GUESS I AM THE ONLY ONE” Lorenzo Gabanizza

Lorenzo Gabanizza was a member of various groups, especially from 1991, where he met Donovan, being enclosed on his staff. In 2004, Gabanizza became a member of the Vic Elmes band "Christie Again". He wrote the song "Meet me at the river" that became a success and featured in the album "Christie Again all the hits and more".

In October 2021, he releases a new single featuring the multi platinum Jeff Christie. Mastered by Greg Calbi (engineer for Lennon, Bowie and Dylan) the song gets terrific press and reaches an impressive list of accolades.

Today, we revisit the quintessential release of “I guess I am the only one” on the July 10, 2022 from Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie. A new track and it’s undoubtedly clinical. They have finally gotten their latest release in addition to their outstanding pieces on all major platforms under their belt.

The track starts and ends amazingly with the lyrics shining across every verse with other keys and bass arranged melodically and sequential as the speaker speaks and narrates the theme how people pretend to love you but does not seem so. So the track continues with the theme "I guess I am the only one" I'll be looking forward to seeing them perform and to hearing what they do with their craft. Listen to this masterpiece here!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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