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JUNESMADE - 'Love Outside'

JUNESMADE - Love Outside
JUNESMADE - Love Outside

"Love Outside" is an electrifying musical collaboration that was born from the creative genius of music producer George Sefa, widely known as JUNESMADE. It all began with an infectious beat crafted entirely from scratch, setting the stage for a sensational track.

JUNESMADE then joined forces with the exceptionally talented artist David Donkor, known as Kingdayve, who added his lyrical prowess to the mix, infusing the song with vibrant energy. As the song evolved, JUNESMADE couldn't resist joining in with his own vocal talents.

Released on 29th September, "Love Outside" is a masterpiece that radiates pure passion and undeniable groove. From the very first note, it's impossible not to feel the infectious vibes that make you want to move and dance. This collaboration marks just the beginning of the exciting journey for JUNESMADE and Kingdayve, promising more outstanding projects on the horizon.

Stay tuned for their future musical adventures!





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