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Second generation British Nigeria performer, singer, and songwriter, named Kent Okwesa is a 22-year-old British Nigerian singer-songwriter currently living in London. He has been writing songs for only two years now, but has been recording music for four months. He has put together a written album named 'Ready to explore you', he has written, as the album has not been produced but will be recorded in the winter of 2023 with the lab recording studio in London.

'Ready to explore you', is a project that speaks to a generation that has been affected by the pandemic and whose time is spent reflecting on the past, where traumatizing memories play tantalizing games with victims of trauma. This would be through the process of healing disguised as images of upsetting dreams that represent their trauma.

"I know this all sounds very depressing and quite dark! But I assure you this album has been written from the perspective of someone who has healed and is now ready to explore a more revitalized version of themselves. This album is about hope and new beginnings."

Don't stop the party is a dance-pop track with an electronic intensity. Early listeners have compared the track to "Eddie Murphy-party all the time", 80s R&B and 90s house, Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Jackson and Full Crate. It was created to relieve myself of all psychological restrictions. This project is a mantra for freedom as it tells the story of a young person's anxious journey towards self-expression through dancing in public spaces.

To let all your inhibitions go on the dance floor whilst being watched should never be something to fear. so let yourself go and dance. It's ok to be UNIQUE. The track begins with the anticipation of the unknown and then transitions into soulful robotic vocals to show how one may mask anxiety in uncomfortable situations. Once the instrumental drops, belting vocals are used to increase the energy for a more upbeat tempo, and this is carried throughout the track with beats of a half-time feel to continue the story of someone who is becoming increasingly aware of their freedom.

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