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Laura Nanou with 'Healing' from her New Ep Mlle Love

The list of Tracks on Laura Nanou's New Ep Mlle Love:

  1. Healing

  2. For real

  3. I try

  4. Amour de soi

  5. Don't worry

Laura Nanou - Healing
Laura Nanou - Healing

The Journey So Far with Laura Nanou

Beneath the artist lies a resilient woman with a sunny personality and, an extraordinary and unique voice. However, as a child, Laura believed, her dream of becoming a singer, unreachable. Even worse, she didn’t admit it was her dream. Not fitting in with the norm, she felt like her unique profile would be an obstacle to her success. So she remained hidden for a long time...

But her love for music was stronger than her doubts, so she left everything behind, determined to make her dream come true, in Paris. Settling in Paris, is not easy, but Laura decides to make an asset of her uniqueness, and overcomes her challenges. She succeeded in getting into the Paris underground music scene, performing at open-mics and events like Soulissime, where she met other talented artists.

They invited her to compete in the Sankofa Soul Contest, where she came second. She soon attracted the attention of orchestra conductors (which enabled her to earn a living from music), and the producer of The hundred voices of gospel. Her life took a new turn when she became a soloist of this choir and embarked on a European tour. Their mashup "Oh happy day/I got a feeling" was acclaimed in the final of Britain's Got Talent. Since then, her career has gone from strength to strength.

Laura Nanou
Laura Nanou

And her first roles in the musicals Hairspray, Ghost, and more recently, Little shop of horrors, have opened the doors to cinema for her ("J'irai où tu iras" G.Nakache) and, dubbing, where she made a significant debut, notably for The Lego Movie 2: the second part, Aladdin, Vivo and Netflix series.

Her song "No other" was also featured in the Netflix series "The One". Thanks to her unique talent, she has worked with several major artists, including Gad Elmaleh, NTM, Akua Naru, Shy'm, Patrice, Kiddy Smile (for whom she opened the show at the Gaité Lyrique), Slimane, and currently André Rieu. Acknowledged by her peers, she finally decided to deliver a first EP with multiple influences, whose first single "Healing" will be released on September 22nd. This first EP conveys the most beautiful message: Self love is true love.

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