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Listen to “EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE” by Rich Jacques

The spirit that LA based Singer/Songwriter Rich Jacques has been spreading through his music is powerful yet simple and direct. Breathe in, revel and let go.

Rich Jacques is a true definition of Music and as an Artist. And “Everything must change” completes it all. Yet a six track EP from this accomplished Artist. Blending of vocals and heartwarming lyrics on all tracks from “montecito” to “the stars above” took it to another level with the mild pitching of the beat range. The unique score pulses throughout the songs with a movement that is the perfect balance of classic soul.

Everything must change is the second track off the EP and title name as well. There is something smooth to the pulse that enhances the movement that makes the track enter your soul. It is almost impossible to not bounce as you hear the melody. This could be a good concert opener as the there is no dull moment and it is somewhat developed. Great performance in all.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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