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Listen to “ONE PLUS ONE” by Alex Kate

Alex Kate is a British songwriter whose interests lie in classic poetry and 70s fashion,

Alex Kate immediately asserts herself as a storyteller to be heard. Fusing retro drums with ethereal vocals, Alex Kate creates lyrical journeys to inspire, consol or to challenae the status quo.

After years of writing and feeling inspired by UK artists, she takes the plunge and starts her solo project.

This Artist here once again and has truly stolen the show again in 2022 with the release of one plus one. One plus one is Kate’s latest release on the June 24, 2022. Sonically, the record rides a similar musical lineage as their previous releases, however, the stakes here are on another level here throughout. Delivered a truly mesmerizing collection of heartfelt deeply soulful tracks from start to the end. with meaningful lyrics, strong and tuneful melodies. Not forgotten the confident and impressive vocals she put in the track. Stream one plus one here!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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