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Listen to “SERENDIPITY” by Carolee Rainey

Here is an artist who can reach in and stir up the waters. Her sensitivity to mood and emotion are evocative and stirring in all the right ways. Carolee Rainey makes song writing, guitar-driven music telling unexpected stories. This American musician has been the musical anchor to many different independent artists for 20 years with their eclectic, guitar-driven sound.

Serendipity is Carolee’s latest single under her profile Which is somewhat massive. She has her previous tracks on there as well. Don't forget to check them out. Yet this Artist continues to drop hits.

I felt both free from the earth’s gravity, while the erect hair on my arms disclosed that I was afraid of falling. The tension mounted as the climb continued. That’s the feeling of the bass drum and keys expressions in this stunning new song. I guess that’s not much of a technical review. I just can’t stand on the outside of this song, assessing it from a distance. It’s an immersive experience.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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