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Lucky Came to Town - "Home Ground"

"Soulful vocals and great harmonies and music to make you dream"

Lucky Came to Town recorded their first EP in December 2021, and the result sounded satisfying. "We don’t want to keep the result to ourselves, we want it to reach your ears, that’s why we are releasing it on Spotify on December 6."

We like to get straight to the point: December Sessions became a lovely business card. It's a nice treat of catchy Americana and beautiful country rock, occasionally gently rubbing against blues and folk too.

The music sounds incredibly pure and genuine. What's more: when you listen to the lyrics, you feel that every word is true and profoundly meant. Let’s take the beautiful love song ‘My Love is True’. Van Weyenbergh sings it beautifully and he continues doing the same on all the other songs too.

Done in one single take, without retakes or fixes, this first EP is a very successful showcase of the skills of Kim Van Weyenbergh and his band.

All songs are strong and keep you craving for more. It sounds incredibly professional and international, it's an absolute must for country and Americana fans. It is certainly recommended for fans of Van Weyenbergh's idols as well as for fans of Neil Young, his old friends David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash.

Furthermore, it’s food for all melomaniacs with a pair of ears that pick up on quality.


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