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Mak Ro drops their second single of 2023 titled, “Boulevardier” - an anthem for all of us either currently, or at one point have longed for love to arrive at our doorstep.

The slow burning R&B record mirrors the drink it was named after (Boulevardier is an alcoholic drink composed of whiskey, sweet vermouth and campari), mixing romantic sweetness with hints of bitter heart ache.

With lush, romantic instrumentation and emotionally piercing lyrics, the Memphis-based duo vividly paints a uniquely personal moment in a way that is strikingly familiar and relatable.

Not holding anything back - the singer wears his heart on his sleeve admitting: “I just wanna be the next stop / left dropping for you I dressed up / messed up in front of the bar where you told me / you told me ‘you’re mad, falling for me’ / say it one more time baby / kiss me while the car is in park / dancing in the street in the dark / better hold me till the end of the story.”

“I love the storyline because it takes so many turns,” said Kris Ruaro, vocalist and co-producer/writer for Mak Ro.

From being sad that someone’s leaving, to missing them, to reminiscing the good times, then the bad, then being like ‘f*ck you’ quickly followed by ‘actually jk, I still have feelings for you can you come over’ - there’s something new with every turn which overall makes for an emotionally dynamic ride.”

As for the production and instrumentation, Mak Ro gives us a wide spectrum of sonic textures, mixing romantic sounds of harps, piano and airy synth pads with edgy guitar licks and bold percussion.

“What excites me the most about this record is that we were able to take a collage of different styles of instrumentation and somehow make it feel like one cohesive world,” said Eric Makapugay, multi-instrumentalist and co-producer/writer for Mak Ro. “Also this was our first time mixing a song ourselves so we really took the time to get every single emotional and sonic detail just right.”





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