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Max Restaino - "WORD OF LOVE"(MRP)

Max Restaino is a musician, singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist who has a new song out "Words Of Love".Max Restaino - (Summer Shore EP) Biala & Word Of Love (MRP).

SAMBA CLUB - SOUL BALLAD - Two superb songs from an excellent emerging artist.

Max Restaino with “Baila”, a summer Samba Club track that lights up the room, whether on the radio or the dancefloor “Baila en la Noche” (dance in the night), plus a song, “Word Of Love”, that Stevie Wonder would have been proud to write and record, you can literally hear him singing it.

Both songs are out now on Spotify & Apple Music.

Recommended: by Kings with five Crowns from Kings.

Max Restaino - Baila - Samba Club

Max Restaino - Word Of Love - Soul Ballad

Get the new Biala single at plus Free B-Side Word Of Love.

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Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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