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Growing up in New York and moving to Nashville in 2020, MacLaren’s music is not so much rooted in a place and time as it is suspended, caught between worlds— dreamlike and hyper-realistic, timeless and contemporary. Her imagistic lyrics, evocative melodies and intricate fingerstyle guitar weave together with ethereal, modern production and distorted trad instruments, joining the threads of past and present folk music in a haunting experience.

She released her debut single “Graveyard Shift” in August and her follow-up singles “Melbourne”and “Pushing Daisie” in October and November respectively. Her debut EP “Kill My Time” was released in February 11th 2022.

With her last couple releases, Melanie MacLaren has shown a knack for stream of conscious, tongue-in-cheek yet timeless lyricism— "Dissociating at a Tiki Bar in a Landlocked State" proves that she has mastered this balance as an artist.

What starts off as a seemingly straightforward, observational and traditional folk song evolves into a dissociative daydream, with distorted banjo, bouzouki and drums building to an unexpected and absurdist moment of catharsis halfway through the song. While the lyrics at the end of the song turn timeless and contemplative once again, she relies heavily on the use of ambient synthesizers to create a feeling of uneasiness and express an otherwise inexpressible yearning for something beyond the mundane.

Melanie MacLaren released her stunning debut EP “Kill My Time” this year independently to enthusiastic critical reception before gaining the attention of Tone Tree Distribution in Nashville.

As well as landing coveted playlist spots on Spotify Fresh Finds Folk, Apple Music and Amazon

Music, she has received glowing press from the likes of Pillar Artist’s “We’re certain that it’s only a

matter of time until Melanie is recognized as one of the most exciting artists to be writing and releasing music right now.



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