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Merylem - 'Another Drink'

Merylem Another Drink
Merylem Another Drink

Author and performer, Merylem wrote her first texts accompanying herself on the guitar at the age of 14. She advocates values ​​such as respect, authenticity and kindness; values ​​that she highlights in her songs through committed and denunciatory lyrics, combining softness and intensity.

Discovering Merylem means meeting the amazed and naive little girl, the rebellious teenager and the hypersensitive adult woman, often incomprehensible about the reality of the world around her.

The pens of Orelsan, Francis Cabrel and Ed Sheeran, make him want to go even further in the writing of his texts. Determined to set no limits to her creativity, she finds her inspiration in various musical genres.

Lets Take A Listen to Merylem 'Another Drink' and Support by Sharing it All Round.

Song is available on all streaming platforms.

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