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MonSieur Ola Announces the Release of "SUNSET".


Monsieur Ola, chillwave, soul, singer and song writer born in Nigeria, created his musical identity from Idols like Fela, ASA, Kojey Radical, Little Simz and Masego. Using a blend of R&B, Soul, Trap house Jazz, Afro-Pop and Indie-Pop.

Monsieur Ola gives Diemented being to the world. To lead the charge of changing the musical minds in how Music is supposed to feel.

"Sunset" the Ninth track on the "Diemented Being" was released with the intent of giving the world a feel of the base identity of Chillwave Soul, envisioned with a focus on melody and calm.

"Sunset" speaks of the bond Ola feels he has with the virtuous star of our galaxy, channeling the power of a sunset taking with the worries of each day and closing daily wounds for the new day. Sunset is the very essence of "tomorrow will be better".

  • Sunset Calls for the dance and groove of Joyful days, the Solemn of sorrowful days to be channeled with the intent of creating an individual bubble of joy delivered through your EarPhones to provide a personal concert feeling.

  • Diemented Being is Now available to be Streamed, Purchase on all major Music Platforms.

"Diemented Being is the very soul of my dream, in Psychical form".

  • Olasunkanmi, Olayanju, SongWriter

Monsieur Ola- Music is the Dream.


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