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Luminously combining opposites. One moment it is quite fragile and in the next it is of incredible emotional power: radiating a serene melancholy that allows the listener to feel weak for a moment in its embrace. Embodying the lightness of a first acquaintance and yet seeming quite familiar...This is the voice that belongs to MOЯEA and will soon accompany us like a good friend through the darkening days.

On 11.11, the Berlin singer-songwriter’s next single "Can't Rest" will be released. This song is just the beginning and it gives us a taste of her first EP, “Revival,” which will be released on 09.12. “Can’t Rest” gives us an honest insight into a musical world of tender emotionality and melancholic lightness.

The release of her next track and her EP titled, “Revival” will happen on 09.12., accompanied by a music video which MOREA shot at many of her favourite corners in Berlin. We will see a fluffy creature, which has its origin in the Eastern European tradition of driving away evil spirits, heralding a new beginning and closing the old. MOREA’s Bulgarian roots are reflected through this visual representation, and all that “Revival” is themed around.

Growing up in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg as the daughter of a musician and an artist, MOREA came into contact with music in her early childhood. At the age of four, she began playing the piano and shortly thereafter learned to play the guitar autodidactically. The singer/songwriter has been writing her own songs since she was twelve. She uses multiple instruments for different songs, always curious to experiment with different sounds and instrument combinations.

To further expand the development of her music and sounds, she dared another premiere for her debut EP. With the help of Initiative Musik Förderung, MOREA was able to fulfil her dream of recording the EP "Revival" live in a studio with a full band. This was made possible by her producer Gogo Engst, Arne Augustin (piano/rhodes, Olli Schulz, Nena, Andreas Bourani, Dendemann, Husten, Mamasweed), Earl Harvin (drums, Tindersticks/Sam Smith, Ait, The The and more), Fontaine Burnett (bass, Marla Glen, Chaka Khan, Joy Denalane), Gogo Engst (guitar, Mamasweed), Nayong Han (cello, Nena, Sammy Deluxe, Crow,The Voice), Daniel Allen (trumpet), Regis Molina Reynaldo (sax), Denis Cuni Rodroguez (trumpet), Anna Davoll (flute) and their label MW-Music (LC12575).

The greatest hearth of her creativity is her first relationship. In the now newly released songs she takes up this topic again and shares her examination of herself and her perception of the world quite openly with us. Even though many of her songs are directly addressed to the person from the past, we can all relate to them as we listen to her soft and open voice.

With the songs on this EP, the singer deliberately deals with this chapter from her life in a conclusive way, because as she says herself, "At some point, this has to come to an end." So these songs are to be the last ones that belong to the process of processing before she will soon turn to new horizons. Her debut EP is thus not only about first times, but also about last times. "Revival" is a revival and a new awakening - because in all farewells there are also new beginnings.





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